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Planning and crafting a winning e-commerce dissertation isn’t easy, which is why you might need some e-commerce dissertation help. Writing a dissertation in e-commerce, business, accounting or any other academic research area can be a mentally exacting exercise. Thoughts of quitting the difficult and often uncomfortable writing process keep constantly attacking you. But is quitting ever an option for someone who can easily access quality e-commerce dissertation help? No. With the right dissertation writing service, becoming ABD (All But Dissertation) is a choice, a regrettable choice.

What Topic Will Your E-commerce Dissertation Study?

The issue of topic selection for your e-commerce dissertation may not at first seem such an important one. However, the topic you choose can significantly affect the quality of the academic paper you produce. Some topics are generally hard to research while others are almost not researchable.

Additionally, some topics have evolved over time and you can easily find quality sources to inform your e-commerce dissertation. But certain topics are pretty new and very little research on them is available.

An ideal topic for an e-ecommerce dissertation would be one other researchers have shown a bit of interest in. It would also be a topic that’s currently trending or generating serious debate within the academic community. Do you have any idea what topic it’s going to be for you? No idea? Don’t worry. You can always connect with a reliable e-commerce dissertation help provider and get a few good ideas.

Selecting the Right Topic for Your E-commerce Dissertation

Topic selection doesn’t need to be such a struggle if you’ve been paying any level of attention. Simply pick that topic area that has continued to pique your interest ever since you joined your doctoral program. It’s unlikely that you were equally interested in every topic area you encountered. Chances are a certain topic stood out to you and your interest in it hasn’t waned.

Also, your advisor can suggest viable topics. So can reviewing a few accepted e-commerce dissertations completed by former doctoral students in your department.

Another way to get researchable e-commerce topics is to spend some quality time reviewing relevant peer-reviewed journals. Some databases carry thousands of great peer-reviewed and scholarly articles. Reading a few of these sources can have your creative juices flowing fast and furious. Sometimes, though, you can’t seem to find any e-commerce topic that causes you to excitedly say, “This is it.” That’s when to engage some proven e-commerce dissertation help.

Now that you’ve got a researchable topic, let’s now look at a few rules you should keep in mind as you write your paper. You know these rules, but let’s review them just in case you’ve forgotten them.

“5 Rules and Conventions” to Guide Your E-commerce Dissertation

Writing a successful e-commerce dissertation is more about having valuable content than about rules and conventions. But that hardly means you shouldn’t care about general academic writing rules. There are certain rules and conventions that stay the same regardless of what area you’re researching. The next few sections will mention and briefly discuss these rules and conventions. Here are the rules:

1. An E-commerce Dissertation Should Stick to Formal English

Academic writing starkly differs in many ways from many other forms of writing. A well-written blog post and a well-written e-commerce have one thing in common — they’re both good writing. But they’re also noticeably different.

A blog post can make certain assertions without revealing any sources. That’s probably not a good practice, but it does happen in this form of writing. It’s common for bloggers to state certain “truths” they deem to be self-evident. You’ve certainly come across superbly crafted blog posts that don’t reference a single source. In general, a blog post writer can use as many informal phrases as she sees fit. But that’s not how academic writing works.

How Academic Writing Works

Academic writing sticks to formal English. Generally, this form of writing chooses verbs very carefully. Anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary can benefit a lot through reading well-written academic papers. That’s because such papers typically find and use unique, clear, meaningful, and compelling verbs and other words.

So, avoid using informal language while writing your e-commerce dissertation. But that doesn’t mean your dissertation should make for dry, fleshless writing.

Need some help with piecing your ideas together? Get some quality e-commerce dissertation help. You can start your search for professional assistance at Dissertation Writing Online or any other dissertation writing service.

2. Contractions belong Elsewhere, Not in Your E-commerce Dissertation

Use “it’s,” “don’t,” and “can’t” while writing a blog post. Or when writing a text message to a friend. NEVER use contractions while writing an e-commerce dissertation or any other academic paper. “It’s” is informal and unacceptable while “It is” is formal and acceptable.

3. Use Idioms and Phrasal Verbs with Some Restraint

Idioms and phrasal verbs can elegantly beautify any type of writing. In fact, they can make readers want to read the entire work. But while writing your e-commerce dissertation, you should generally avoid using idioms and phrasal verbs. Why? Using idioms and phrasal verbs can introduce confusion to your writing. Besides, using them tends to make your write less concise.

However, in some cases, you can still use idioms and phrasal verbs. For example, it’s ok to write “an experiment was carried out.”

The right e-commerce dissertation help can assist you choose words that help you write concisely and compellingly.

4. Academic Writing Rarely Uses “I”

In certain types of writing, using “I” is ok. In fact, using “I” can make your work feel personal and somewhat more interesting. People like reading about people, after all. But you mustn’t use “I” while writing your e-commerce dissertation. In academic writing, it’s always about the content or subject matter. Rarely is it about the author.

5. Always Provide Citations Where Necessary

Where you’ve not originated an idea, diagram, or concept, ALWAYS give credit to your sources. Otherwise, you’ll have committed plagiarism — a terrible academic crime.

Generally, assertions that amount to common knowledge may not need citations. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to decide whether you should cite a reference or not. In such situations, it’s always best to provide citations.

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