Thank you for stopping by. You likely don’t know much about Dissertation-Writing-Online.com. And you don’t have enough time at the moment to visit every page and learn every important thing you should about us. That’s the reason we prepared this Frequently Asked Questions page. Within minutes, you’ll understand the most important aspects pertaining to using our custom dissertation writing services.

What Does Dissertation-Writing-Online.Com Do?

We craft sparkling dissertation models that align with our customers’ instructions.  In other words, our sample looks like what your advisor and the dissertation committee would like to see.

We’re not saying you should submit the sample delivered, though.

The sample should help you devise better plans and strategies to produce work that stands out. We’ve offered custom dissertation writing services for quite some time now. As a result, we’ve learned a few useful things that might help you as you execute this massive project.

How Do I Submit My Instructions?

Submitting your instructions should take no more than a minute or so. It’s simple, easy, and fast. Simply go to our Order Form and upload your instructions. The more detailed, the better.

Whether it’s research material, raw data for data analysis, an outline, or the first draft, you can upload your material within minutes. And don’t forget to indicate the word count, the number of sources, and the formatting style you prefer.

After you’ve submitted your instructions and have paid for the services, our consultants will immediately go work.

How Long Does It Take Before I Can Get My Sample Dissertation?

As long as you want. Check out our order form. You’ll see that there’s a place that requires you to provide your deadline details. Decide how much time you want to allow your dissertation writer. Note: the shorter the deadline, the higher the overall cost of the order.

For example: if you select 7 days, you’ll pay considerably more than someone who chooses 30 days. In fact, the difference between a 7-day deadline and a 30-day deadline can be as much as $7 per page. If saving money is important for you, you’ll want to submit your instructions the soonest possible.

How Will I Receive the Completed Sample Dissertation?

Once your writer has prepared your sample and you’ve paid for the services in full, you’ll be able to download the completed order as a PDF file or an MS Word document.

You should be able to see the buttons for either option on your personal order page. Accessing the completed order is as easy as clicking on the right button and voilà! you have a sparkling sample dissertation.

Can I Modify the Details of My Order?

Yes, you can. If no writer has taken your order yet, you can modify your order instructions as you deem fit. But you can’t change your instructions if we’d already assigned your order to a writer. However, you can add instructions as long as those details are an extension rather than a stark modification of your order. For example, you can request your writer to write 70 instead of 50 pages. But you can’t tell them to change the topic mid-way through. We hope that’s clear.

Who’ll Prepare My Sample Dissertation?

Although the vast majority of our professional academic writers are native English speakers, we draw our writers from a global diversity. Regardless your writer’s location, they’re competent enough to handle the task no matter how cognitively challenging it might be.

Still, you can request that we assign your paper to writers from certain regions. If you want your paper to be crafted by ENL writers, please let us now. Our rigorous hiring process ensures we end up with the best writers anyone can possibly get.

How Do I Make Payment?

That’s simple. Simply access your PayPal account and transfer the funds. You can also use your credit card if you like, but as you know, there are many reasons to use PayPal. Our payment is 100% safe. Plus, we don’t capture or store any information we don’t need to process your order.

Tell Me about Privacy and Confidentiality?

You’re always safe while using our site and services. We NEVER reveal your details to anyone unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so.

For example, if a government agency, while executing a legal process, demands that we provide them with your information, we will oblige. But such situations are extremely rare. In fact, such a thing has not happened at any time since we established Dissertation–Writing–Online.com.

What Happens if I Think My Sample Dissertation Sucks?

Request revision. You can request as many rounds of revisions as you’ll need to catapult your dissertation to perfection. If you still don’t like what you get after 3 revisions, we’ll refund your investment.

How long does processing my refund take? Processing a refund takes no more than 5 business days. Our Quality Assurance team examines the completed order thoroughly to ascertain the validity of your claims. Once satisfied your claims are valid, we’ll immediately start processing your refund — no questions asked.

Please read our surprisingly easy to read money-back guarantee and learn more.

Will I Get a Discount?

Yes. Every new customer instantly gets a discount. How much is the discount? If you’re a new customer, you’ll only pay 85% of the usual order price. If you were supposed to have paid $1,000 for the whole order, you’ll end up paying $850 after accounting for the discount. We’re talking of a whole 15% discount here.

What Happens If I Refer a Friend?

As you might expect, we love referrals. If you refer someone to us, that person will get 15% percent discount because they’re a new customer (see the section above). The deal gets better: you’ll earn 10% of the order value! If the original order value was $1,000, your referral will pay $850 and you’ll pocket a cool $100! Think about that. $100! It might not seem like a lot, and it isn’t, but there are many things you can do with $100.

Do You Offer Editing and Proofreading Services?

Yes. Do you charge for them? It depends. If you engage us right from the start of your dissertation, we’ll not charge your account for dissertation editing & proofreading services.

However, if you request separate dissertation editing or proofreading services, you’ll have to pay the applicable rates.

How Many FREE Editing & Proofreading Revision Rounds Am I Entitled to?

As many as are necessary to refine your sample. 3 is the highest number of revisions we’ve seen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t request 4, 6, or more revisions. We desire to see you smile. That’s why we’ll do everything to make sure you leave our site happy and fully satisfied.

Any Questions We Didn’t Answer?

For any other questions you might have or any clarification you might seek, please contact us via live chat. You can also email us at support@dissertation-writing-online.com



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