Privacy Policy

This privacy policy spells out what a user is to expect when we harvest your personal data and process it. Through the policy, notifies you of your rights and explains how you might enjoy or exercise those rights.

What We Do With the Information We Collect

Essentially, we collect your data to improve the overall experience you have on our site. We’ll never use your personal data for any other purpose aside from that. Nor will we ever sell or avail your data to a third party. The only instance we might hand your data to a third party is if and when required by law to do that.

Your Rights as a User

As a user, there are several rights that you enjoy or can exercise. First, you can request to access your personal data anytime. Second, you have the right to request that we amend any inaccurate personal data. Third, you can request that we delete your data and completely eliminate such information from our system.

Fourth, you can raise objections regarding data processing in some situations. That means you can take back your consent to process data. Fifth, where your data gets automatically processed, you can demand to have a copy of such data in a format that’s machine-readable.

Note: All requests relating to access of users’ personal data are processed within 30 days of the date the request is made.

Your Data Stays Safe All of the Time

We employ various technical measures to make sure your data stays safe and secure during storage or transmission. The only time we may not fully control what happens to your data is during data transmission. If for whatever reason your data is transmitted to a third party (such as when requested by law), we ensure it stays encrypted throughout the process. Also, we generate a copy of such data and keep it just in case your data gets lost during transmission.

However, we may not guarantee that third parties won’t access the content of your email during transmission. For that reason, we strongly advise you against sending us your credit card details or any other kind of sensitive information by email. We will not be held responsible for any data loss or unauthorized access during data transmission.

Our Data Retention Policy

We never store your data for longer than we need to. We store user data for as long as may be necessary to facilitate service delivery, gathering of feedback, or compliance with legal requirements.

Basically, we stop storing your data when the reason we originally collected it for no longer exists. For data we deem to be sensitive, we’ll usually hold it for as short a time as possible. And for tax reasons, we may hold certain kinds of data for several years. Generally, we’ll delete all your data from our systems after seven years if you’ve been inactive for a long time.

Linking to Other (third-party) Websites

This website may contain links to third-party sites. We will not be held responsible for what might happen to your personal information while on such third-party websites. If you decide to click a link and end up on such a third-party site, be sure to read and understand their privacy policy. Also, understand we’re no longer responsible for any security issues that might arise as a result.

Users Below the Age 13

For persons younger than the age 13, we’ll need to see permission from a parent or guardian before you can submit your personal information. Where we hold your personal data but are yet to receive such consent, we’ll stop services and cancel all transactions with you. We’ll also delete permanently from our systems every piece of personal data provided by you. However, you’ll be able to re-submit your information when you’ve obtained the required permission.


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