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Psychology Assignments and Papers

Psychology is a vast area of research comprising numerous topics. In addition, the program teaches many theories and concepts about different kinds of subjects. By the time you graduate college, you’ll have amassed loads of useful information, knowledge, and skills. You’ll be ready to confront the increasingly challenging world of work.

You’ll see various kinds of assignments in your psychology classes. Psychology professors sometimes request their students to critique a journal article, a book, or even a movie. Or they may have them analyze a famous experiment or theory. Other times, professors may ask students to write academic papers about an important figure in psychology.

Psychology students also see quite a few case studies. We bet you’ve completed a couple case studies by now.

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Struggling with These Psychology Assignments?

Psychology students also get asked to conduct psychological experiments or design studies. Literature review assignments are also quite common. And of course, there are essays and the occasional psychology research paper.

You likely need some psychology assignment help with some or all of these types of assignments. Don’t restrain yourself if it ever becomes clear that you need professional assistance.

Let’s now look at 5 common psychology assignments and suggest how you might complete them.

5 Common Psychology Assignments

Here they are:

1. Write a Case Study

A psychology case study analyzes a particular group or an individual. But the assignment is more about the subject matter than it is about the person or group. Writing a successful psychology case study requires the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of the subject in question.

Typically, students rely on existing psychological theories to carry out their analyses. The person you’re analyzing doesn’t need to be someone you know well. It can be a well-known historical figure (not necessarily from psychology). Or a character from a book or movie.

Need psychology assignment help with that case study on Adolf Hitler’s self-delusions?

2. Write a Literature Review

Pretty much every discipline or program in college requires students to write literature reviews. Usually, it’s a standalone review that examines several sources, summarizes them, and most importantly, synthesizes them.

Other times, a literature review may be a section of another piece of work. That other piece of work may be an undergraduate thesis, dissertation, or research paper.

Usually, your professor gives a specific topic and expects you to review several sources that address that topic. They may or may not specify the number of sources you’ll examine.

Note: you shouldn’t handle your psychology literature review assignment exactly the same way you’d handle an abstract. Both of them summarize research, but there are subtle differences between them. Would you like some psychology assignment help at this time? We can help.

3. Conduct an Experiment or Design a Psychological Study

Designing a psychological study or carrying out a psychological experiment can be quite challenging. But it’s not rocket science. You can handle it successfully.

Designing a psychological study requires you to use your imagination to perceive possible results. For some of these assignments, you’ll collect data, analyze the results, and describe the meaning of those findings.

Read the resource behind the link at the end of this sentence to learn more about designing a psychological experiment.

4. Discuss the Work of a Historical Figure in Psychology

Usually, these kinds of psychology assignments have you writing a paper about a given historical figure. You’ll usually discuss and analyze their work and write a paper in the end. It might be Harry Harlow, Nietzsche, B.F Skinner, Freud or Carl Jung. Or it might be any other prominent psychologist.

In this type of psychology assignment, you’ll usually include a short biography of the author. But the paper or assignment must focus more on the value of the author’s contribution.

5. Critique a Book or Journal Article

Assignments to critique a book or a journal article for a psychology class are pretty common. Your professor may give you a specific topic or they may have you choose one that excites you.

What book or article are you critiquing at this time? Let’s guess. It’s “the Lucifer Effect” by Philip Zimbardo. Do you agree with Zimbardo’s views on why good people turn evil? Or has your professor requested you to criticize Freud’s book on Interpretation of Dreams?

Whether it’s a book or a journal article, you’ll want to submit work that shines. Need some psychology assignment help? Contact a credible psychology assignment writing service now for expert-level assistance.

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