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Do you dread research papers? You probably should engage quality research paper help now. A research writing expert knows what the research process is like and also understands what pitfalls to sidestep. They’ve mastered writing perfect research papers, and they can help you learn the craft. In the end, though, you’ll decide whether engaging a research paper writing service is worth it. Reading the rest of this page might help boost your confidence around research papers. So, stay with us.

Writing a Research Paper isn’t Exactly a Straightforward Process

Most people love it when the process of handling something is linear and straightforward. That’s why “how to” and “step by step” articles are the most popular on the web.

So, is there a step by step process to follow while writing a research paper? Yes, there is. And we’re going to give you an outline of that process right here.

However, the research writing process tends to be a messy one. At the same time, the process is recursive. Meaning, you’ll do certain things over and over again until you “get it.”

It’s easy to mess with the methodology of your research paper. All too often, lots of students don’t analyze their results properly. And that often means they end up interpreting data they don’t fully understand.

We advise you to use the outline that follows as a “flexible guide.” Adopt some the suggestions if you want. Ignore others if you deem them unhelpful. You can also disregard everything we say and stick with what you know already.

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How to Write a Research Paper that Wrests an “A” from Your Instructor

So you want to learn how to craft a stunning research paper. You’re at the right place. And you’ve come at the right time. Because we’re going to share with you a couple helpful tips to bolster your research writing skills.

Let’s roll.

Research Paper Topic: Discover it, Narrow it Down, Focus it

“Find a topic that intrigues you.” Honestly, this advice has become almost a cliché. But that’s for a good reason. It’s unlikely you’ll do justice to a topic you don’t care about. With a boring topic, you likely won’t exert yourself. At worst, you might not complete your research paper.

So, is there a particular issue that has gnawed at your heart for years? Is there a topic that has gripped the consciousness of your country at the moment? Maybe your community has seen too many killings recently.  And the issue of gun control has received a large dose of fresh momentum. Or is it abortion? Perhaps it’s LGBTQ issues? Or climate change? Whatever it is, be sure it’s something that interests you.

After identifying the topic, narrow it down and keep it focused. And that’s where the thesis statement comes in. Design a thesis that compacts what you know and what you intend to study into an intelligent statement. The thesis statement develops naturally as you read sources, analyze them, and brainstorm.

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Locate, Choose, and Review Quality Sources for Your Research Paper

Find peer-reviewed and scholarly sources especially journal articles. Also find authoritative books. Locate any other source (primary or secondary) you might need for your research paper.

Where do I find sources? Consult the library catalog and periodical indexes. Look at bibliographies.

Your instructor might also help. They’re an accomplished academic, and they likely keep abreast with current research in your field.

Newspapers, magazines, government websites, and other credible websites are also great places to obtain sources. But tread with care when it comes to using sources from the web. Fortunately, you’ve by now learned how to assess and evaluate sources.

Note: Take notes as you review sources. Record down every important theory or argument or concept. Don’t read everything, though — you can’t. Scan and skim sources, instead. The ToC can quickly guide you to the most important sections of a source. So, consult it.

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Group, Sequence, and Document Your Information

This process might sound involved and somewhat intimidating. But the words used in the subtitle above don’t mean anything you don’t know already.

Group similar sources together. Organize the sources on the basis of their relative importance. Pair up important ideas, concepts, and theories with the corresponding sources. If you do that, you won’t lose your sanity when it comes to referencing and documenting your sources.

Failure to note down and organize sources as you engage with them tends to cause headaches down the road. Do yourself a favor and construct your bibliography or works cited list as you go.

We think you don’t need any research paper help with handling this phase of the process. But we could be wrong, you know.

Outline Your Research Paper

At this point, outline your research paper. Well, this step is optional. However, there are a couple great reasons to outline. Outlining a research paper saves time and ensures better quality work.

Write Your Research Paper’s Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

Here’s how you handle the introduction, body, and conclusion of your research paper.


Your introduction should pack a hefty punch. Don’t know how to craft a gripping intro? Use some research paper help.

Describe your study’s background. Position your research problem in the context of existing research. State your research paper’s purpose.

In addition, define unfamiliar terms and concepts. That makes it easier for the reader to engage with your research.

Also, describe how you plan to organize your study. Finally, integrate your thesis statement into the intro. Ideally, the intro shouldn’t be a word longer than10% of your word count excluding the bibliography. Need research paper help with crafting your research paper’s introduction? Access it now.


The body is the “meat” of your research paper. It’s where you present the actual study. Tell readers what you did. Describe how you did it. That is, introduce the methodology.

Let your sources inform your discussion. Summarize them. Analyze them. Explain them. And evaluate them. That is, demonstrate how they add value to your main argument.

Build formidable arguments. Cement these arguments with solid facts and quality data. Logical coherence should be the tracks that guide the train of thoughts your brain cranked up. You probably need research paper help with crafting the body. We can’t decide for you, though.


Summarize your research paper’s main argument. Explain the significance or implications of your research paper’s findings. Devise ways to link the conclusion to the introduction. That should be easy. Restating research questions is often an effective way to do that. Finally, list down any new questions that arose from your inquiry and which might necessitate further research.

Finally, Revise Your Research Paper

In other words, refine your research paper. Go through the work with a fine-toothed comb. Eliminate errors. Right the language and tone. Spot and address formatting issues.

Finally, read and re-read the research paper. Catch every careless and honest mistake your scrutiny might have missed.

You just did it!

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