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An undergraduate dissertation is far less complex than a Ph.D. dissertation, but you might still need some undergraduate dissertation help. Whether you’re an undergrad or you’re pursuing a doctoral degree, a dissertation is a dissertation. And completing a dissertation can be oppressively challenging. So don’t let baseless feelings of shame stop you from using some undergraduate dissertation help if you need it. The only person who never asks for help is a dead person! So, go ahead now if you need to and contact a credible undergraduate dissertation writing service.

Undergraduate vs. Master’s vs. Ph.D. Dissertation

Before we proceed any further, let’s look at what the differences are between an undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. dissertation. Here’s one key difference you need to take note of at this point. An undergraduate dissertation is typically shorter and less complex than either a master’s or a Ph.D. dissertation. It’s unlikely that your professor will ever ask you to write a bachelor’s dissertation that’s longer than 15,000 words. A master’s or Ph.D. dissertation is usually longer than that. Now, let’s look at each of the three different dissertations a little more closely.

Undergraduate Dissertation

While writing an undergraduate dissertation, your professor wants to see your ability to apply basic research skills. The expectation is that you’ll gain broad competencies rather than specialized or advanced research skills.

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Master’s Dissertation

A master’s dissertation helps your department assess whether you can apply advanced research skills to solve an important research problem. At this level of study, your supervisor expects that you’ll inject your work with valuable, critical insights. As a graduate student, you’re also focusing on the development of your critical thinking skills.

Generally, the master’s dissertation allows a graduate student to demonstrate to an appreciable degree that they can handle independent research. But there isn’t much of a difference between an undergraduate dissertation and a master’s dissertation. In the end, it’s all about how good the person writing the dissertation is. A well-written undergraduate dissertation can deliver much more value than a badly written master’s dissertation.

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Ph.D. Dissertation

A Ph.D. dissertation requires you to put to good use specialized research skills to solve an important research problem. At this point, you’re a professional. You most likely have tons of expert knowledge under your belt in a particular area.

A Ph.D. dissertation should represent an original, substantial, and valuable contribution to a specific area of research. The operative word here is “original.”

The main task for a Ph.D.-level dissertator is to spot a “knowledge gap” in a specific area of research. Then, the researcher should design a study that effectively addresses that knowledge gap. At this level, you’re more of a producer of research and less of a consumer of research.

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So What’s an Undergraduate Dissertation?

You now understand how an undergraduate dissertation differs from either a master’s dissertation or a Ph.D. dissertation. But how do you define an undergraduate dissertation? An undergraduate dissertation is a reasonably extended piece of academic writing or research on a particular subject.

What Makes the Undergraduate Dissertation Different Than Other Types of Papers?

At 10,000-15,000 words, the undergraduate dissertation is significantly longer than any other paper you’ll ever see as an undergrad. That means it’s the most time-consuming and complex paper you’ll encounter during your undergraduate years in college. No wonder scores of undergraduate students come to us each year for undergraduate dissertation help.

The Undergraduate Dissertation isn’t about Making an Original Contribution

The undergraduate dissertation might not require you to make an original contribution to your field. Or produce any earth-shattering ideas. Also, it’s unlikely your professor will ask you to design a novel methodology. Nor are they likely to request that you include a discussion about your study’s philosophical context.

That said, your research should display a certain level of independent work and originality. Additionally, your undergraduate dissertation should develop a logically coherent argument in a rather narrow topic area.

The Undergraduate Dissertation Usually Relies of Documents and Texts

The Ph.D. dissertation often includes some active field research. But that’s not the case with the undergraduate dissertation. By contrast, the undergraduate dissertation primarily relies on documents and texts.

While writing the undergraduate dissertation, the student typically analyzes secondary sources as well as various primary sources. However, such a student rarely needs to access expensive sources of data to complete their dissertation.

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Completing the Undergraduate Dissertation

Typically, you’ll start thinking about your undergraduate dissertation during year 3 of study. At that point, your professor will likely ask you to write a 2-3 page dissertation outline.

The paper is more like a summary of the larger work you’ll complete down the road. It should concisely summarize the proposed dissertation’s chapters. In addition, the outline must include a full bibliography.

The final undergraduate dissertation, just like the Ph.D. dissertation, is a 5-chapter paper. Note: some Ph.D. dissertations go much further than five chapters. In most cases, your instructors give their students some guidance regarding the specific structure to use. You can always consult your teacher about any problem that arises in the course of your dissertation’s development.

Don’t forget to edit and refine your work after you’ve completed it. You can edit your undergrad dissertation, but it’s easy to miss a few important errors. If you can afford it (and you most likely can), engage a proven dissertation editing and proofreading service.

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