CIPD Level 7

7CO03 Personal Effectiveness Ethics and Business Acumen

About this Unit This unit focuses on enabling successful employees and facilitating practical and ethical behaviours to advocate for better work and working lives and develop managerial skills. Workers must develop effective behavioural patterns guided by ethical and moral principles and behavioural standards. The theories and concepts underlying this subject are critical for promoting diversity […]

CIPD Level 7

Work and Working Lives in a Changing Business Environment 7CO01

About this Unit The unit in Level 7 of Strategic Learning and Development is compulsory for all students. This unit encompasses rigorous coursework that deepens knowledge of the relationship between the commercial business environments and forecasted development in the future of work, employment, and human resource management. It combines the existing variations in techniques, ideologies, and managerial […]

CIPD Level 7

 People Management and Development Strategies for Performance 7CO02

About this unit This unit emphasizes the critical nature of evidence-based, outcome-driven, and principles-based practice in advancing the people profession’s fundamental purpose. It examines how human resource professionals add value and deliver results for organizations and employees, as well as how contributing to corporate goals boosts productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance […]

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